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William Bennett, born October 17th, 1807, in Hampton, was one of the five children of William and Anna (Fuller) Bennett, and grandson of Isaac, who was first representative to the general assembly from Hampton. He was the son of William, who came to Hampton from Ipswich, Mass., about 1738. William Bennett represented Hampton in the general assembly in 1841 and 1853, and held various town offices. He married November 15th, 1836, and had two children: Edward B., born in April, 1842, is a lawyer at Hartford; and George W., born February 9th, 1851, married Ellen Robinson April 10th, 1878, and has three children: Norman B., born October 5th, 1878; Anna C., born July 13th, 1880; and Howard R., born June 18th, 1883. George W. was educated at the schools of Hampton, Willimantic, and Exeter, N. H. He has held various town offices and is a farmer.

Abel Burdick, son of Rowland Burdick, was born in Voluntown, Conn., in 1836. He enlisted in 1862 in the 18th Connecticut volunteers, Company E, for three years, and served till the close of the war. Since then he has been engaged in farming. He was in the battles of Winchester, Piedmont, Cedar Creek, and other important engagements. He married in 1861 Susan Phillips, and they have nine children: Charles, born 1863; Bertha, born 1865; Dwight, born 1867; Emma, born 1872; Mary, born 1874; Madeline, born 1877; James, born 1878; Frank, born 1885; and Grace, born 1887.

Dwight Burdick, son of Rowland Burdick, was born in Griswold, Conn., in 1837, and came to Hampton about 1855. He enlisted in August, 1861, in the 18th Connecticut volunteers, and served till the close of the war. He was in the battles of Winchester and Piedmont, and was wounded in the latter battle June 5th, 1864. June 5th, 1861, he was married to Delia E. Owen, of Hampton. They have two children: Carrie E., born 1866, and Mabel V., born in 1877.

Dwight A. Burnham, born in Hampton in 1836, is a son of Reverend Alfred Burnham, who was a descendant in the sixth generation of Deacon John Burnham, who was born in England and settled in Ipswich, Mass., in 1635. Dwight A. was married to Laurana Barber, of Richmond, R. I., in April, 1860. Their children are: Warren D., born August, 1.866, and Anna N., born October 23d, 1870.

James A. Burnham, born in Hampton April 20th, 1832, is a son of Jesse Burnham, who was a great-grandson of Ebenezer Burnham, who came from Ipswich, Mass., to Hampton, in 173334. Ebenezer was a grandson of Deacon John Burnham, who came from England and settled in Ipswich, Mass., in 1635. James A. was married to Mary E. Starkweather May 8th, 1861. Their children are: Mary E., born May 14th, 18’62; Lester H., born April 1st, 1865; Olive E., born 1-Tay 9th, 1866; Frank J., born February, 1870: Fred. A., born December 23d, 1871; Charles E., born November 7th, 1874.

Lyndon T. Button, born in Hampton in 1817, is a son of Charles C. and Lucy (Thurston) Button, and grandson of Roswell Button. Charles C. served in the war of 1812. Lyndon T. Button has been engaged in the hotel and mercantile business, and in later years in farming. He represented the town in the legislature of 1860, and was appointed county commissioner of Windham county in 1866 for three years, and has held various town offices. In November, 1838, he was married to Sarah A. Curtiss. Their children are: Mary G., married William H. Burnham, and Worthington B., born in 1853.

Henry Clapp was born in Hampton in 1847. He was a son of David and Temperance (White) Clapp. David Clapp came from Norton, Mass., to Hampton in 1833, and was a son of Jonathan Clapp. Henry Clapp has been engaged in school teaching and farming, has been selectman and held other town offices, and is a deacon in the church. He was married to Sarah E: Kinney, of Plainfield, in 1875, and has one daughter, Nellie F., born in 18 S0.

Reuben Elliott, son of Thomas, whose ancestors were among the first settlers in the county, was born in Thompson, in -1826, acid came to Hampton in 1850. Mr. Elliott is a successful farmer. He was married March 5th, 1849, to Adeline Covell, of Killingly, and has two children; Josephine, born in 1854, and Everett A., who was born in 1862, and is a school teacher.

George W. Fuller, born in Hampton in 1836, is a son of James Fuller and grandson of Benjamin Fuller. He taught school in early life and traveled extensively through the Southern states. He married, in 1870, Eunice Hammond, a descendant of John Alden, who was the first to leap from the ” Mayflower ” upon Plymouth Rock in 1620. They have four sons and four daughters.

J. Henry Fuller, born in Ashford, February 23d, 1827, is a son of Elisha and Irene (Francis) Fuller, and grandson of Benjamin Fuller. The Fuller family were among the first settlers of Hampton. Mr. Fuller learned the trade of blacksmith, which has been his principal business. He was married November 23d, 1851, to Mary, daughter of Moses Adams, of Canterbury, and descended from the first settlers of Massachusetts.

Benjamin C. Grant, son of Asa and grandson of Benjamin Grant, was born in Wrentham, Mass., in 1822, and came to Pomfret in 1832. In early life he was a farmer and later a merchant, which has been his chief business. He was appointed postmaster at Pomfret Landing in 1852, which office he held seven years. He is now postmaster at Clark’s Corner. He was married in 1844 to Mary A. Fuller and second to Julia Avery, in 187 7. He has three children: George L., born August 6th, 1857; Charles, born in 1855, and Fred B., born in 1878.

Alfred Hammond was born in Hampton in 1809. He was a son of Uriel and Sally (Holt) Hammond. Uriel was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was a son of Josiah, who came to Hampton from Vermont. Alfred Hammond was engaged in school teaching and farming, represented the town in the legislature in 1865, held various town offices, was for many years one of the foremost men of Hampton and died July 1st, 1876. He was married April 28th, 1841, and his children were: John, born 1843, enlisted in 26th Connecticut volunteers, served at siege of Port Hudson, died July, 1888; Cynthia Ann, born November 24th, 1845; Eunice, born October 25th, 1848, married George Fuller, and Irving W., born 1854, married Mary E. Rawson in 1888.

George M. Holt, born in Hampton January 2d, 1829, is a son of James Holt and a descendant in the seventh generation from Nicholas Holt, who came from Southampton, England, to Boston in 1635. He represented Hampton in the general assembly in 1877, has been selectman several years, and held minor town offices. He was married in 1854 to Abby, daughter of Alexander Dorrance, a descendant of Reverend Samuel Dorrance, who graduated at the University of Glasgow in 1709, and was first pastor of the first church in Voluntown, Conn. Their children are: Helen C., born August 10th, 1855, and Mary L., born April 18th, 1859.

Sylvester G. Holt, brother of George hl., was born at Hampton, November 1st, 1812, and was one of eight children. He has held various town offices. He was married to Elizabeth Curtiss February 24th, 1840.

Allen Jewett was born in Hampton in 1839. He is a son of Ebenezer Jewett, born 1799, who married Maria Jennings in 1824, and grandson of Ebenezer, born in 1748. He learned the trade of carpenter but is also engaged in farming. He was postmaster at Clark’s Corner two years, and served as member of the board of education. He was married to Fannie Wheeler, of Stonington, Conn., December 18th, 1866, and has two children: Wallace, born June 26th, 1870, and Elmer, born January 11th, 1873.

Abijah Perkins was born in Lisbon (now Sprague), New London county, in 1833, and came to Hampton about 1835. He is a son of Milton Perkins and grandson of Abijah Perkins. His mother was Josephine Tibbetts, who married Milton Perkins in 1832 and had two children: Abijah, and Milton, who lives at Ann Arbor, Mich. Mr. Perkins is a farmer. He married E. Louise Cowles, of East Hartford, in 1859, and they have two sons: George M., born 1860, and Fred C., born 1868.

Charles Spalding, born in Hampton in 1824, is a son of Joseph and Olive (Farnham) Spalding, whose children were: Olive, Chloe, Joseph and Charles. Charles Spalding is a farmer and unmarried.

George M. Thompson, born in Hampton, April 27th, 1827, is a son of Moses Thompson, Jr., whose ancestry came to this country with Roger Williams. In early life he followed farming. At twenty-four years of age he adopted the life of a seaman, and in 1854 he was commissioned chief engineer in ocean steam service and served in that capacity for several years. In later years he returned to farming. He married Anna E. Tipton and their children were: Charles W., Georgianna, George M., Catharine A., Dora, Gertrude, and Eleazar B.

Roger S. Williams was born in Canterbury May 27th, 1819, and is a son of Benjamin Williams, who married Betsey Smith, and is supposed to be descended from one of the Pilgrim Fathers who came from England in the ” Mayflower.” Mr. Williams came to Hampton in 1839. In early life he learned the trade and followed the business of blacksmithing and in later years has been farming. He represented Hampton in the legislature of 1857, was selectman for seventeen years, and has held many other town offices. He married Amelia Witter, daughter of Asa Witter in 1841. She died in 1882. Their children are Adelaide, born 1842; Anna, born 1845, married in 1866 George Holt, who died in 1873.

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Source: History of Windham County, Connecticut, Bayles, Richard M.; New York: W.W. Preston, 1889

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