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Avon Connecticut Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Avon Connecticut ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Avon Connecticut history.

If a link says FamilySearch or FS, you will need to register and login for a free account to view the records online. Some FamilySearch records can only be viewed at a Family History Center, and some only in Salt Lake City. We tell you this too. If you see $$ then that means that the link takes you to a subscription website. We only list these when we cannot find the records for free.

Biographies of Avon Connecticut

Cemeteries of Avon Connecticut

  • Genealogical data from Connecticut cemeteries: Avon
    Manuscript written by Lucius B. Barbour in 1932.
    • Cider Brook Cemetery
    • Congregational Church Yard
    • Evergreen Cemetery
    • Greenwood Cemetery
    • West Avon Cemetery
  • Cider Brook Cemetery
    Private cemetery located at 359 Waterville Rd., Avon CT 06001. The Avon Library does not have printed/original copies of these photos; this collection is digital only.
  • East Avon Cemetery
    The East Avon Cemetery is located behind Avon Congregational Church on the corner of Rt. 10/44 in Avon, CT.
  • West Avon Cemetery
    Gravestones located at West Avon Cemetery, intersection of Country Club Rd. and Burnham Rd., Avon, CT 06001 The cemetery was constructed in late 1700s, predominately of white marble, brownstone, and slate. The Thompsons, Frenches, Woodruffs, and other founding families of Avon are buried here. See the CT Historical Commission file in this folder for more details.
  • FindAGrave – Avon, Connecticut
    Listings for many of the cemeteries in Avon, Connecticut often including photographs of the headstones.
    • Avon Congregational Memorial Gardens
    • Beth El Temple Cemetery
    • Beth Israel Cemetery
    • Cider Brook Cemetery
    • East Avon Cemetery
    • Evergreen Cemetery
    • Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation Memorial Park
    • Greenwood Cemetery
    • Memorial United Methodist Church Memorial Garden
    • Saint Ann Cemetery
    • Saint Mary’s Cemetery
    • West Avon Cemetery

Census Records for Avon Connecticut

Church Records for Avon Connecticut

The Avon Congregational Church was organized in 1818 as the Third Church in Farmington. It became the Second Church of Avon upon the incorporation of that town in 1830. (The First Church is known as the West Avon Congregational Church.)

The Avon Congregational Church Records 1798-1921 – FamilySearch
Microfilm of originals in the Connecticut State Library in Hartford, Connecticut. By volume:

  • By-laws of the United Religious Association of Farmington Incorporated, 1818; subscription 1818; meetings 1818-1844; meetings of the United Religious Association of East Avon 1844-1845; meetings of the East Avon Ecclesiastical Society 1845-1921; transfer of property to the Avon Congregational Church Corporation and dissolution of the Society 1921.
  • Accounts of United Religious Association of Farmington 1820-1843; accounts of East Avon Society 1844-1862.
  • Notes belonging to the fund of the United Religious Association of Farmington; treasurers accounts 1826-1843; United Religious Association of Avon treasurers accounts 1844-1845; Ecclesiastical Society of East Avon treasurers account 1846-1908.
  • Historical notes; meetings of the Third Church of Farmington 1818-1830; meetings of the Second Church of Avon 1830-1835; communicants 1818-1840; baptisms 1820-1842; deaths 1820-1841; marriages 1819-1840; admissions and dismissions 1831-1838; excommunications 1824-1829; confession of faith and covenant.
  • Meetings of Second Church of Avon 1835-1840.
  • (marked “v. III”) confession of faith and covenant; meetings of Congregational Church in East Avon (Avon Second Church) 1841-1904; admissions and dismissions 1819-1901; baptisms 1841-1904; by-laws.
  • Miscellaneous documents 1798-1881 numbers 1 – 20.
  • Records of the Temperance Society of East Avon 1843-1861 (contains the constitution, minutes of the meetings and a pledge signed by members).

West Avon Congregational Church Records 1751-1941 – Family Search

These are four volumes of records (in three covers) of the West Avon Congregational Church, Avon, Connecticut scanned onto one microfilm. The volumes were permanently deposited in the Connecticut State Library, 12 January 1962, by Rev. Robert Sparks, Avon, Connecticut. For convenience in reference and citation the volumes have been numbered as follows:

  • Volume 1-2
    Contains Deaths 1751-1790; Confession of Faith, Members; Births 1752-1769; Baptisms 1751-1769; Marriages 1752-1766; Church Meetings 1751-1766; Sacrament Days 1752-1767; and Confessions 1759-1766.
  • Volume 3
    Contains an Index; Births 1792-1819; Baptisms 1793-1823; Church Meetings 1788-1830; Marriages 1800-1821; Deaths 1804-1823; Sacramental Days 1795-1819; Admissions 1820-1822; Members 1849; and Articles of Faith, Covenant; Deaths, Baptisms, Admissions, Dismissions, Votes, 1831-1862
  • Volume 4
    Contains Members (annotated list); Church Meetings, Admissions, Dismissions, Vital Records 1862-1941.

Court Records for Avon Connecticut

Probate Records for Avon 1844-1930 – FamilySearch
Microfilm of original records in the Town Hall, Avon, Connecticut. Indexes are included in each volume.

Directories of Avon Connecticut

I am searching for any copy of these online.

  • The Union Publishing Company printed suburban city directories for the area of Hartford which included Avon, Connecticut from at least 1905-1929.
  • The Clark Delano Company printed a directory of Avon and East Granby in 1913.
  • The Price and Lee Company printed a directory of Avon, Connecticut: including Simsbury, East Granby, and Granby.

Genealogy of Avon Connecticut

Historical Newspapers in Avon Connecticut

  • Avon News
    A weekly newspaper of Avon, CT. The Avon Free Public Library has bound and digitized issues from 1981-1995

History of Avon Connecticut

Avon, Connecticut was founded in 1830 as a part of Farmington, which was settled in 1640. The town’s name originated from the River Avon in England, and the area was once home to the indigenous peoples of the Tunxis tribe. Early settlers established farms, mills, and businesses in the area, and the town’s population began to grow. In 1830, the community of Avon was established as a separate town, with its own government and post office. The town continued to grow and prosper throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, with the development of new industries and the arrival of the railroad. Today, Avon is a thriving community with a rich history and a strong sense of community spirit. The town is known for its natural beauty, historic landmarks, and cultural events, and it remains a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

Avon records prior to 1830 are at the Farmington Town Clerk’s Office and the Farmington Room at the Farmington Library.

  • Catch’d on Fire, a book by Avon Town Historian Nora Howard, features stories about early Avon as recorded in the diaries of Reverend Rufus Hawley from 1767-1812. The Avon Historical Society sells the book.
  • Avon, Connecticut an historical story
  • Mary-Frances L. MacKie wrote this book in 1922 which was published by the Avon Historical Society.
    • Pioneers in the Farmington Valley
    • Putting Down Roots
    • The Farmington Canal
    • A Town Is Born
    • Life in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
    • The Civil War and its Aftermath
    • New Faces, New Voices
    • The Early Twentieth Century
    • Depression and War Years
    • Meeting the Challenges of Growth
  • Avon, Connecticut: a brief informal history
    Alice H. Thompson wrote a short history of Avon, Connecticut in 1954 and published it as a pamphlet for the Avon’s Woman’s Club

Land Records for Avon Connecticut

  • Land records, 1830-1894 – FamilySearch, these records must be viewed at a local FHC.
    Microfilm of original records in Avon Town Hall, Connecticut. Indexes are found within each volume.
  • Land Deeds
    A variety of land deeds digitized by the Avon Free Public Library

Military Records of Avon Connecticut

Civil War

World War II

World War II Newsletters
The collection comprises 14 newsletters created by Avon residents between 1943 and 1946. These newsletters were designed for Avon soldiers and were sent to them, regardless of their location, be it at home or abroad, as well as their families in Avon. Along with keeping soldiers connected to their hometown, the newsletters also featured local town gossip and news, helping soldiers stay abreast of current events even while serving away from home.

World War II Ration Cards
Collection includes instructions for ration cards, assignment of rations, and sample cards. This collection is organized by year.

Naturalization Records for Avon Connecticut

Connecticut naturalization records were first filed in federal district courts in Hartford, New Haven, or Bridgeport starting from 1906. Copies were then forwarded to the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization in Washington, now known as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS provides genealogy search services for naturalization and other records relating to Aliens.

However, before 1906, naturalization records in Connecticut had very limited information. Most records only included the person’s name, place of residence, date of naturalization, and the location and date of their declaration of intent to become a citizen.

The original indexes and naturalization records for Connecticut can be found at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Waltham, Massachusetts. FamilySearch has partnered with NARA to digitize the indexes and many volumes of original court records, which are also available online through FamilySearch and Ancestry.com.

  • Connecticut Naturalization Records, 1795-1945 – FamilySearch
    This collection contains naturalization records and indexes from the state of Connecticut. Images were originally captured at the NARA Regional Archives facility in Boston. This collection includes NARA ID numbers 3315824, 4971824, and many more.

Vital Records for Avon Connecticut

  • Avon vital records, 1850-1884 – FamilySearch
    Microfilm of typescript in the Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Connecticut. 13 leaves. Records are arranged alphabetically. Includes some sextons’ returns, 1881-1884.
  • Land records, 1830-1894 – FamilySearch, these records must be viewed at a local FHC.
    Microfilm of original records in Avon Town Hall, Connecticut. Indexes are found within each volume. Vols. 1-2 include records of marriages, 1830-1850; volume 4 includes records of births, marriages and deaths, 1847-1851.
  • Records of births, marriages, deaths in the town of Avon, v. 1-2, 1868-1926 – FamilySearch, these records must be viewed at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City
  • Avon CT Birth, Marriage, and Death Records
  • This is a record of birth, death, and marriage records in Avon, Connecticut, also known as Avon Vital Records. It covers the 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s. Each individual was a resident of Avon unless otherwise noted. The data includes 8,030 entries, and is 286 pages long. It is published here in alphabetical order. Initial research conducted by Nora Howard; initial spreadsheet compiled by Heddy Panik, Avon History Room Volunteer. Sources for Birth, Marriage, Death Records, Avon, CT: Avon Vital Records – original notebook and photocopy given to the Avon Town Clerk, August 1983. 2nd copy sent to Connecticut State Library/Avon – Church Records/ Avon – Cemeteries/Avon Free Public Library – Marian J. Hunter History Room Files/Avon Free Public Library – Probate Records (that are stored there)/Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT/Hale Collection/Northington Church records/The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records – Avon 1830-1851.
  • Chart of marriages in Avon, CT from 1750-1815
  • Chart of marriages in Avon, CT from 1853-1868

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