Connecticut Census Records

For those looking for free census records for Connecticut, you will be disheartened by what we found. Other then the major free census available mainly at the Pilot project at Family Search, there were minimal transcriptions done. Basically, if you’re conducting extensive census research in CT then you’re likely going to have to pay. Most free transcriptions online are done by volunteers who have an interest in the town or county being researched. While there are some great websites out there for Connecticut research, very few appear to have concentrated their efforts on census transcriptions. The federal government conducted census in Connecticut every 10 years since 1790. All counties in CT were formed prior to 1790, so all counties have all existing census records (1790-1930) online. There were no state census conducted in Connecticut.

Connecticut Census Information

There is a special index from 1790 to 1850 at the Connecticut State Library, taken from a duplicate set of schedules housed at the Connecticut State Archives. It is not collated in the same way as the “official” set at the National Archives and consequently cannot be used for locating a particular individual on that set of returns. However, the Connecticut version of the index includes all names in the 1850 census and not just heads of households. No state population censuses were taken for Connecticut, although a number of inventories and enumerations of population exist (with and without names). A unique census, however, was taken by Connecticut in the twentieth century. The Military Census of 1917 listed all males between at least twenty to thirty years of age, although most towns reported those sixteen through sixty. Given along with the name and age, were place of birth and number of dependents, ability to perform certain tasks, and occupation.


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