Connecticut Census Records

Connecticut has been subjected to federal government census every 10 years since 1790, with all counties being formed prior to that year, making all existing census records (1790-1950) available online. Apart from the 1890 census, all other census records have survived and can provide a comprehensive representation of the inhabitants, particularly after 1850.

In terms of state population censuses, none were taken for Connecticut, but there are various population inventories and enumerations available, with or without names. However, a distinctive census was conducted by Connecticut during the twentieth century. The Veteran Census of 1917 recorded all males aged at least twenty to thirty, although most towns documented those between sixteen and sixty. Along with the name and age, the census included information such as place of birth, number of dependents, ability to perform specific tasks, and occupation.

Special Military Census

  • Connecticut, World War I, Military Census of Nurses, 1917
  • The Military Census of Nurses for Connecticut in 1917 may appear to have missing pages; however, it should be noted that many pages were attached to other pages of the same name but in a different area within the same set of records. A general index for the census codes can be found in the initial few images of each film.
  • World War 1 Connecticut Veterans
    Contained within this database are questionnaires from the 1917 “Military Census” in Connecticut. This census was conducted between 1917-1918 as directed by the General Assembly, with the aim of assessing the available manpower and resources in the state for the war effort. Although the census included surveys on agriculture, factories, and automobiles, the questionnaires featured here were completed by men aged 16 and over. The census was not simply a name count, as these questionnaires asked for various details such as name, post office address, trade or profession, age, marital status, number of dependents, citizenship, military service, and physical disability. Furthermore, the questionnaires inquired about a variety of skills, such as horse riding or team driving, motorcycle riding, wireless operation, steam engine or boat handling, and swimming proficiency.

Connecticut County Census Pages

The following pages at AccessGenealogy link to Connecticut census transcriptions online.


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