Welcome to Connecticut Genealogy. This page has been designed as a method for you to find online genealogy data for Connecticut. We hope this website will assist you in establishing your Connecticut family history.

At present we have a series of pages devoted to identifying the various genealogical resources online. You can access this list from every page on the site, as they’ll always appear on the right side.

We will be updating these pages with additional Connecticut genealogy and historical data, so please visit often.

What’s New?

Connecticut History
I have begun adding various historical information to the website to better give you an idea of what your ancestors lived through and may have witnessed taking shape in the early history of Connecticut.

Connecticut Census Records
This section of the website has been completely redone.

Windham County Genealogy
The vast majority of information on this website is based uponĀ History of Windham County, Connecticut, Bayles, Richard M.; New York: W.W. Preston, 1889. We’ve added, corrected and subtracted from this data as we’ve identified flaws or came upon new data.

Colonial Connecticut Records
Colonial Connecticut Records is a digital collection created by staff at the University of Connecticut Libraries.