Chapter sketches, Connecticut Daughters of the American revolution; patriots’ daughters

Just a word is needed in volume second of Chapter Sketches in explanation of its title, — Patriots’ Daughters — also called Real Daughters and True Daughters. (See the first volume, Patron Saints).The women whose biographies are here presented are the daughters of men who served in the American Revolution and they are honorary members of Connecticut chapters and of the National Society, D. A. R. As a testimonial of this membership the National Society presents to each Real Daughter, all over the country, the highly-prized souvenir gold spoon.

Early in the organization of the Society, it was found that women were still living whose fathers took part in the great struggle for American Independence, and it was considered distinction indeed for any chapter to have one such woman among its membership.

As time went by others were found, until now in Connecticut chapters alone there are one hundred Patriots’ Daughters on the rolls. The tabulated list preceding is interesting as showing, by birth dates, the extreme age of these women. Several lived to be over a century old ; a few were born in the eighteenth century ; the majority were born early in the nineteenth century; several lived to see the twentieth century and are still with us. All are daughters of patriots of the Revolution and thus form the connecting link between that eventful period in American history, which our great order commemorates, and the present, separated by a century and a quarter of time.

Their fathers were born near the middle of the eighteenth century, and the tabular list also shows the extreme youth of these patriots while “in y e service.” The reader will not find there-fore distinguished records, military or civil, in these sketches, such as are found in volume one. Patron Saints. These patriots at the opening of the Revolution were mere boys, and the parts they played were inconspicuous. But on the stage on which they took their parts a drama was enacted of world-wide interest and import, and the leading roles were taken by men whose names are immortal.

As the perspective lengthens, therefore, each man’s part in the drama, no matter how humble, becomes of more and more importance, and his connection with the events which secured American Independence will have an increasing interest for succeeding generations.

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Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution; Root, Mary Philotheta, ed.; Chapter sketches, Connecticut Daughters of the American revolution; patriots’ daughters; New Haven, Connecticut chapters, Daughters of the American revolution, 1904.

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