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S. D. Bosworth, born in Eastford, is a son of Allen and Sally (Hall) Bosworth, and grandson of Ebenezer Bosworth, a soldier in the revolutionary war, who married Elizabeth Fletcher. Ebenezer was a son of Benjamin who came from Rehoboth, Mass., and settled about one mile west of the church in Eastford. Mr. Bosworth represented the town in the legislature in 1865, and has held various town offices. He married Elizabeth Badger, and has three children. His only son, Henry A., married Margaret Buell, and is a farmer in Eastford. Clarissa, only daughter of Allen Bosworth, married Joseph Dorset, and has one son, Benjamin, in New York.

Jairus Chapman, born in Ashford, was a son of Roswell, and grandson of Thomas, a soldier of the revolutionary war. He was selectman and justice many years, and represented Ashford in the legislature. Jairus Chapman married Emily Morse, and their children were: Zeviah R., Elvira E. and Mary J., who is a teacher of long experience.

Darwin Clark is a son of Palmer Clark, who came from Charlton, Mass., to Woodstock and afterward to Eastford, where he died in 1879. His son Darwin married Mary, daughter of William Bradway. They have five children. Mr. Clark is a farmer and stock dealer.

John Holman, son of Thomas, was born in Union in 1778, married Mary, daughter of Allen Bosworth, in 1808, and moved to Eastford in 1816. Four of their children are now living. John, Newton and Emily live in Eastford. Emily married Nelson Clark, son of Palmer Clark, and one of the most successful farmers in Eastford.

Joseph B. Latham, son of Laban Latham, came from Johnston, R. I., to Eastford, Conn., in 1823. He was a millwright. He was justice of the peace many years, and represented Eastford in the legislature several times. He married a Bullard, and had six children who-grew to manhood: Joseph B., Lorenzo B., William H., Eugene E., James E. and Monroe F., who married Sarah Johns, and has one son, Oliver H. Monroe F. is one of the selectmen of Eastford, and represented the town in the legislature in 1884. James E. Latham was born in Eastford in 1841, married Elizabeth Adams, of Eastford, and has two children.

George W. Olds, a native of Maine, came to North Ashford, and engaged in the business of making staves in company with Silas Simmons. In 1872 he opened a store at North Ashford, which he has continued until the present time. He has been postmaster since 1874.

Silas Preston, born in 1798 in Ashford, is a son of John and Persis (Weeks) Preston and grandson of John, a soldier of the revolutionary war. He was educated at the common schools, and in early life was a farmer. He represented Ashford in the legislature in 1842, was selectman several years, also director in the Stafford Bank. Later in life he was president of the Eastford Savings Bank until eighty-four years of age. He married Betsey Wright, with whom he lived sixty-three years. They had eight children. Mr. Preston now lives with his daughter, Mrs. Spaulding, and is ninety-one years of age.

Freeman Putnam, son of Asa Putnam, was born at Charlton, Mass., came to Union when quite young, and to Eastford in 1854. In early life he was a shoemaker, and later a farmer. He married Huldah, daughter of Danford Morse, supposed to be a descendant of Anthony Morse, who settled in Massachusetts in 1635.

Charles A. Rice was born in Springfield and came to Eastford in 1857. He has been twice married; his first wife was Mary Connell, and his second wife Hannah Carpenter, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Allen) Carpenter. Mary Allen was a daughter .of Ephraim Allen and granddaughter of Timothy Allen, who was born in Mansfield in 1748. Mr. Rice is one of the justices of the town.

John Sherman, born in Eastford in 1818, was one of the nine children of Zephaniah Sherman and grandson of David Sherman, who came to Eastford from Fall River. Mr. Sherman was educated at the schools of Eastford, was in mercantile business in early life in Eastford, also manufacturing, later in the mercantile business at Brunswick, Me., and at present a farmer. He has served as town clerk several years, also selectman. He married Laura L. Edgerton, of Massachusetts. The only surviving brother of Mr. Sherman, Isaac Sherman, is a clergyman at Thompson.

Augustus Spaulding, a descendant in the seventh generation from Edward Spaulding, who came to America about 1630, is one of the most successful farmers of Eastford. He married Abigail C. Richards, of Dedham, Mass., daughter of Ebenezer Richards. Their children are: Albert H., George R. and Carrie N.

Charles 0. Warren, son of Isaac and Lydia (Sumner) Warren, married Mary L. Sumner, daughter of Increase Sumner, and a descendant of Benjamin Sumner, the first of the name in Eastford, who was born at Roxbury in 1724. Mr. Charles Warren is the present town clerk. He has been in the mercantile business several years.

Benjamin Warren, a son of Isaac, was born in Killingly, and married Elizabeth, daughter of John Fisher, who was on General Washington’s staff in the revolutionary war. Benjamin was a farmer and auctioneer, and held several town offices. He had seven children, of whom Edmond W., born in Eastford, married Emily Edwards of Vermont, daughter of Samuel Edwards. Mr. Warren is a farmer and marketman. He has served as justice and selectman.

Robert Wheaton, born at Swansea, Wales, in 1605, settled at Rehoboth, Mass., between 1630 and 1636, and married Alice Bowen. Deacon James Wheaton, a descendant in the fifth gen-. eration from Robert, came from Swansea, Mass., to Pomfret, Conn., in 1778, and to Thompson in 1800, where he kept a hotel. His son, Levi, succeeded him in the hotel. Simeon A. Wheaton, son of Levi, was born at Thompson in 1829, came to Eastford and engaged in mercantile business, which he has continued for forty years. He represented Eastford in the legislature of 1882, was county commissioner from 1876 to 1879, and has been one of the most successful business men of Eastford.

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Source: History of Windham County, Connecticut, Bayles, Richard M.; New York: W.W. Preston, 1889

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  1. Very interesting article. My husbands paternal grandmother was a Latham. We currently own property in Eastford that formerly belonged to the Lathams.

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