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Jirah L. Backus was born in Chaplin in 1828. He was educated at Chaplin, represented the town of Chaplin in the legislature in 1872, and has held various town offices. He was married in 1852 to Susan Dodge of Eastford. Their children are: Clinton, born in 1853, graduated at Amherst College in 1883, married Carrie Haskin, and is a teacher at St. Paul; Charles, born in 1856, graduated at Eastman’s Business College, is a banker at Hampshire, Ill., married in 1884 Emma L. Sisley; Annie, born in 1858, married Robert AV. Stephenson of Hampshire, Ill.; Nellie, born in 1870.

Merrick Barton, born in Chaplin, September 14th, 1830, is a son of Ebenezer Barton, and grandson of Elkanah Barton, who came to Mansfield (now Chaplin) in 1796. Merrick Barton was one of five children. He was educated at the schools of Chaplin. He represented the town in the legislature of 1883, and has held various town offices. He married, December 6th, 1871, Asenath U. Griggs of Chaplin, daughter of Daniel Griggs, and has three children; Charles M., born April 19th, 1878; Eda G., born July 10th, 1880, and Horace A., born December 3d, 1872.

John H. Holt, son of John Holt, was born in 1818 in Hampton, Conn. He married Eliza M. Evans of New York, July 26th, 1840. Their children are: Charles E., born in 1842, enlisted in 26th Connecticut volunteers for nine months, was in the siege of Port Hudson, enlisted second time in August, 1864, in heavy artillery, and served till the close of the war; Delia E.; Marcus B., born February 1st, 1845, enlisted December 13th, 1861, in the 11th Connecticut volunteers, served in Burnside’s expedition, was in battles of Roanoke island and Antietam, also other engagements, died of sickness at Washington, December 26th, 1862; and John H., born October 27th, 1846.

F. C. Lummis is a son of John Lummis, who was born February 13th, 1819, married Rowena Chapman in 1851, enlisted in Company D, 18th Connecticut volunteers, was in the battles of Newmarket and Winchester, was taken prisoner at Winchester, and died at Andersonville Prison in November, 1864. He was a grandson of John Lummis, an ensign in the French and Indian war. John Lummis had three children: Frank C., born in 1852; George E., born October 18th, 1853, and Delia, born June 6th, 1855.

Porter B. Peck was born July 16th, 1816, in Mansfield, and died June 28th, 1884. He was a farmer and school teacher. He was judge of probate one term, represented the town in the legislature in 1857, was state senator in 1859, and held many minor offices. He married Emeline, daughter of Daniel Burnham of Hampton. Their children were; Cornelia M., born in 1841, married Mason Bates; Sarah E., born in 1843, married Ed-ward Burnham; Julia M., born in 1847.

Pearl L. Peck, born in Mansfield, April 4th, 1818, is a son of Reuben Peck and Laura Lyon, and grandson of Benjamin Peck. He represented the town in the legislature in 1850, was justice of the peace for 25 years, and has held many minor town offices. He married Fannie A. Brown of Mansfield, who died March 2d, 1887. Their children were: Dwight E., born December, 1841, enlisted 21st Connecticut volunteers, Company D, was in Burnside’s expedition, was in battle at Falmouth, and died at Falmouth, Va., January 12th, 1863; Lucy E., born in 1841, married D. C. Crumb; Sarah L., born in 1843; Delia, born in 1846, married Alfred Y. Hebard; and Charles E., born in 1847, married Clara Russ in 1877, and has two children, Alfred H., horn in 1878, and Susie E., born in 1882.

George A. Ross, born in 1816, is a son of John S., and grandson of Ebenezer Ross, who was born in Pomfret, near the wolf den, was an intimate friend of General Putnam, and a lieutenant in the revolutionary war. George Ross’ mother was Lucy Lanphear, whose father was a soldier in the revolutionary war. Mr. Ross has been a successful farmer. He married for his first wife Mary A. Lawton. She died in 1849, leaving one son, Charles E. Ross, born in 1849. He married for his second wife Lavina Ide, in 1859.

Thomas T. Upton, born in Chaplin in 1816, is a son of Elisha Upton, who married Charlotte Apley. He was educated at the schools of Chaplin, and has been a farmer most of his life. Mr. Upton has been twice married, and has five children: Horace, Edwin, George, Frank and Harriet.

John K. Utley, born in 1815, was one of nine children, of whom three now live in Chaplin: John K., Lucius, born 1809, and Jane M., born 1826, married H. C. Storrs, and has one son. His father was James Utley, born in Hampton in 1781, came to Mansfield (now Chaplin) in 1815, and married Phebe, daughter of Captain John Clark, in 1808. John K. Utley married in 1843 Caroline Burnham, of Chaplin. She died in 1879. Lucius C. married Sarah Morey in 1830, and she died in 1864.

Edwin F. Weeks was born in Ashford, January 11th, 1818. He enlisted June 22d, 1862, in Company K, 14th Connecticut volunteers, was in the battle of Antietam, and received serious injury. He married Sarah A. Corey, and they have four children: Nellie L., Hattie R., Wallace G. and Andrew C.

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Source: History of Windham County, Connecticut, Bayles, Richard M.; New York: W.W. Preston, 1889

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